Welcome.  PheonixOS is an operating system under development. Libc is the entry point for designing this system. This C library is designed to be faster, thread-safe, and for modern computers, rather than patching 1980’s code to get it working.

    Design of Libc took a different approach to the norm. It is based on being modular, speed takes precedence over size, when size increase is not unreasonable, size of code, pipelining, thread-safety, and not broken.

    Modular was a must. Have you ever tried to fix the current Libc libraries or use a portion for testing? I’ve spent hours just trying to find all the source. Once you find all the pieces to exclude all other pieces, then you can begin to use the code or diagnose the problem. With this system, if there is a problem or you want to use the source, it should be in the one file.

    Speed was a combination of trying to pipeline instructions, and looking at what a function is designed to do. Radical designs have arisen from this. Please examine the time family and the random family. I can boast on the majority of functions I have increased speed with a side effect of code size reduction. One test had a 350Mhz running close to a 2.26Ghz, but the main concept was to get a 350Mhz to run close to a 1Ghz. If you consider that the main embedded devices run in the Mhz range, this can be a hugh boost for multitasking.


    This project was started some time ago. Unfortunately, time has not been on my side, so I have decided to publish my works as I go. I started at the kernel, at first, but abandoned that approach. I found that to provide and understand the programmer’s use and misuse would be a better entry point (Libc) into the design of this new operating system.

     The routines I will provide, are written in C. I’ve tested most on PPC and Intel processors. They should run on any computer. I need to re-test these again. I hope to also provide tests, along with data for regression or user alteration testing.

     For now, please be patient. I will provide these routines, as I learn website design. Other info will also come as I get going.